My name is D. and I am an adventurer currently living in South West London. I am always trying to convince people that I am a musician but I get distracted by all the potential photos that can tell a nice story. In the meantime, I am already thinking of all the titles of the books that I will eventually write and I spend countless hours observing the animal extraordinaire we call Human.

The truth is that I am normal. I do have a girlfriend, Facebook, Instagram (more than one account) and I do like dogs and ice cream. Despite my glorious efforts to mask my normality, all I am trying to create is a simple space. Ultimately, a digital warehouse or a loft if you like that I can store all of my normal, everyday thoughts, together. To visualize them, give them substance and leave the door unlocked to anyone who might feel connected to anything I might have to say.

Welcome and feel free to wander and ponder.

Yours sincerely.