Keep Your Head Up

I’m not particularly comfortable when I try to share that other humans put down on paper. Maybe I get burdened by a sense of egoism, that dictates that all their deeper meanings are meant to stay hidden and for my eyes only. Or, maybe I just find it slightly unethical.

Well, the word is about a man who possesses a great talent of manipulating words. To be more precise, his words are operating in a specific branch of the world of writing and they are called lyrics.

The reason I’m actually taking time to write about this is that I rarely find a songwriter that his lyrical material can stand alone outside the context of music and performance and actually create strong moving images on their own.

The title of my post refers to the title of the song. “Keep Your Head Up” by the one and only Ben Howard.

It’s been week after week that I get sucked into his unique world and his powerful grip of his profound meanings. 

So, here I share with you one of the images that he was able to create so vividly and moving. It feels like a very intimate moment so take some time and appreciate the context. Read, think, read again, close your eyes and see what you have to see. It’s all yours now…

“Now I saw a friend of mine, the other day
And he told me that my eyes were gleamin’
Oh I said I’d been away, and he knew
Oh he knew the depths I was meanin’
And it felt so good to see his face
All the comfort invested in my soul
Oh to feel the warmth, of his smile
When he said, ‘I’m happy to have you home.’
Oh oh-oh, I’m happy to have you home”
– Ben Howard

I hope that my long, irrelevant, boring post will communicate something across to you and it might give something to think about while you ride your daily endless underground route.

The Renaissance Man


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