Against a Sea Full of Others

And the call ends, the users go offline and both casually greet their “normal” everyday reality and wave goodbye to their sweet little digital hideout. Back to the others.

And then comes the cataclysm. Getting drenched in social stimuli, wave after wave. Phone calls, private messages, digital pokes, likes, group chats. And then the nights out, the physical pokes, the eye blinking likes and all the body language extravaganza. All the others are there.

Day to-day chores, bills, TV series, more group chats, scattered private messages. Exchanging of photos, semi-funny moving images and endless lines with words that are trying furiously to enter each other’s spectrum of reality. While the others are waiting for you to finish.

Faceless faces, questionable motives, experiencing of the fresh. Bad signal, frustrating calls, badly pixelated emotions and more words are trying to sneak into the surface of the screen. The time goes by and all the powerful currents of the daily phenomena push you further into the sea that is now full of the others.

The others that see you everyday. The others I envy the most. The others that occupy the physical space next to you and share the same ticking sounds of the time passing by.

But my flying boat’s fare is already paid. And the enormous horsepower of its jet-powered rows is pushing its way through the thick white clouds that host all the love and hate radio signals of humanity. Tearing the time zones apart, I’m on my way, against the sea full of others.

Arrogant and hungry for all things you, I devour your thoughts with unprecedented gluttony. Save it all for me. There are no others.

The Renaissance Man


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