Words Are Powerful

Words are powerful like a strong fighter’s punch.

They come down sweeping like a mad wind that aims to lift you off the ground or they wash over you like a breeze of fresh air in the middle of summer.

Their non materialistic nature is extremely deceptive and possesses surprising transforming abilities. A small string of combinations between vowels and consonants can easily sneak into you and like a tree, grow and blossom and become an endless source for inspiration and follow you like a most trustworthy companion. On the other hand, a slight movement to the dark side and even the simplest phrases will hang on to you like the weight of the world and sit on you patiently to the end of times.

Like all things known, they possess that true essence of duality. They can harm and they can mend. They can inspire and they can depress. They can become your guardian angel or an unforgiving devil.

Even over the phone, you can still feel their underlying energy travelling thousands of miles or mere blocks away, through satellites or old bunches of copper lines, delivering soothing smiles or deep scars.

There’s quite an endless amount of combinations of letters that can express and describe the meaning and the power of words and all of them are mere references to the their true power and its manifestations. We have been given speech, an amazing gift with enormous power and many unexplored sides and capabilities. Like breathing, we take it for granted and we spend it on numerous unimportant situations and for the biggest part of our life, we experience it subconsciously without ever getting in touch with its inner mechanisms and nuances.

For this specific post, I will avoid jumping into the deep dark rabbit hole of philosophy and I will wrap it up using Friedrich Nietzsche‘s words that greatly describe, well, words.

“All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down.”

Be a careful listener and then the pick your words with even higher sense of caution.

Be the responsible bearer of this real superpower. Maybe it’s the only one that can actually make us super heroes.

The Renaissance Man


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