A documentary on the life and work of Sebastião Salgado. A film that gives a unique opportunity, to glance behind the curtain. To see the truth.

Words are slipping out of my grasp as pictures form on my screen. An intense travel from hell to heaven and a stop to all the shades in between. Unbelievable waves of purity struck me with every passing image engulfed in a most emotional narrative. A sudden hit of cold realization for all the faces of life and the human nature that most of us will never experience. A feeling of insignificance due to our size in the grand scheme of things and yet a grant urge for action and responsibility towards our own existence.

I fear that we might have to leave this place soon. Individually or as a species. Whether we have a choice on it or not. At least, lets inspire, transform and leave something beautiful behind.

The Renaissance Man



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